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Books Coming Soon!

Five lovely new books by Nikki Saunders from Jessica Kingley Publishers early in 2024. Sign up to the mailing list for alerts when you can pre-order!

Each workbook supports children by exploring their own personal experiences within each social situation, at their own pace. Eddie guides children step-by-step through each experience, whilst taking time to explore many different emotions!

A supporting guide inside for grown ups too!

Eddie's New Haircut

It’s time for a haircut! How will you travel to the hairdressers or might they visit you at home? What tools might they use? Enjoy the fun, interactive pages to help you learn what to expect and how you might be feeling. It can take lots of practice and that's okay!


Let’s get creative with Eddie! In this workbook you can practice your shapes, mark making and ziggy zaggy lines! You can have a go at making a mistake and then turn it into something amazing! Just like Eddie did when he spilt a little bit of orange paint! Everyone’s art is unique, different and special!

The Birthday Party

It’s party time! Each birthday party is very different. With different themes, decorations and games, you can learn lots about the party you may be going to! Explore what to do if it feels too noisy and some of the emotions you might feel. Design your ideal cake too!

Dressing Up

Some people love to dress up, others may not and that is okay! In this book we learn what dressing up means and why some people might want to dress up. You can practice designing your own costume or even make one for Eddie, Nina or Akil!


Learn about winning and losing with Eddie! This book helps us learn about friendship and what it feels like to wait for your turn. You may have different emotions when winning or losing in a game. Practice some of your own lucky tricks and what you can do to help you feel calm too.

All About Nikki

Nikki is the creator of the Eddie series. She is the mum of two special boys, and a passionate advocate for the ASC community.

Since the publication of her first book, My Awesome Autism, she has been on a mission to improve provision for ASC children, and improve awareness of - and empathy for - the autistic experience across society at large.

She’s since published seven more books, including Eddie’s Busy Christmas and Welcome Back Eddie After Lockdown. Her work has been featured in SEN Magazine and The Mum Space, and has been awarded the Theo Paphitis SBS Award and Sue Atkins Recommended Rosette.