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Welcome to the world of Eddie, where every day is a new adventure! Join Eddie and his best friends Nina and Akil learning about life and how to deal with a whole range of different situations.

Explore the website for clips, games, activities and even resources for grown-ups too!

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Join Eddie on a healthy harvest adventure:
Collect fruits & vegges, jump obstacles and have fun!
Ready to run? Let's Go!

Print + Colour

Eddie Cake Heaven

Friends in Space

All the gang

Scout loves bones

Submarine adventure

Eddie's Sunflower



Eddie is a kind, giggly, brilliantly imaginative little boy - who happens to be autistic. His special power is his vivid imagination, allowing him to transport himself up into space a submarine in a rock pool, or even relaxing spa scene in the bathtub!

Special Interest: Space
Favourite Colour: Green
Birth Month: April
Fun Fact: Eddie can kick-flip his scooter

Akil is the boy everyone wants to sit next to in Year 1 - he’s always putting his hand up with the (mostly) right answer! He loves learning facts and sharing his discoveries with best friends Eddie and Nina.

Special Interest: Science & Nature
Favourite Colour: Pink
Birth Month: November
Fun Fact: Akil can tell the time brilliantly

Nina is the funniest, kindest girl you’re likely to meet – even more so than her infamous Year 4 Sister who of course has done it all before. Nina loves football and wants to turn pro when she grows up.

Special Interest: Sports
Favourite Colour: Purple
Birth Month: June
Fun Fact: Nina wears her sparkly silver wellies all year round

Eddie says his Mum is the best in the whole world and that’s not just because of the mega baking skills in the kitchen – lucky for all the family!

Special Interest: Art
Favourite Colour: Orange
Birth Month: June
Fun Fact: Mum has lots of talents, but drawing isn’t one of them ;)

Scout is the cuddliest, snuggliest pup that ever existed. He’s not allowed on the bed but sometimes can’t resist jumping up to wake up Eddie in the morning to come and play.

Special Interest: Bones
Favourite Colour: Blue and Yellow
Birth Month: He’s a rescue pup so not quite sure, but he celebrates on Eddie’s Birthday
Fun Fact: Scout is scared of heights

Eddie’s Grandpa lives in a colourful house at the end of the train line, with itsown workshop for making special toys. He may be older than he once was butthat doesn’t stop him playing his electric guitar full blast!

Special Interest: Music
Favourite Colour: Deep Purple
Birth Month: September
Fun Fact: Granpa claims he can speak to the birds
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